A Harbinger is the leader of a Warband, a unique character created by the Players.

The Harbinger is an individual chosen by their respective god with 'Ka', Divine Energy that gives them strength. Harbingers are also made more powerful by defeating other Harbingers and taking their 'Ka'.

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Known HarbingersEdit

  • Sinutaph the Crowned, Harbinger of Khanum
  • Harmachis Thrice-Born the Lion, Harbinger of Horus
  • Kroh-Amon,  unknown
  • Balek the Marble-Skinned, Harbinger of Ptah
  • Emerald Ma'nakhtuf, Harbinger of Osirus
  • Laughing Setepenre, Harbinger of Set
  • Pathyrus the Suitor of Wisdom, Harbinger of Thoth
  • Koptos of the Broken Claws, Harbinger of Sobek
  • Emonhotep the Golden, Harbinger of Osirus
  • Sardeh-Ka the Woebringer, unknown
  • Serquet the Scorpion Queen, Harbinger of Set
  • Kharak the Marrow-Drinker, Harbinger of Sobek
  • Epaphos the Honeyed Tongue, Harbinger of Bast
  • Sutekh the Sly, Harbinger of Set
  • Anhur the Thunderer, Harbinger of Osirus
  • Ta-aheit the Winged, Harbinger of Set
  • Nubti of the Twisted Blades, Harbinger of Set
  • An-Paut of the Shadowy  Cloak, Harbinger of Anubis
  • Laraokh the Noose, Harbinger of Anubis
  • Balu of the Stone Mallet, Harbinger of Ptah
  • Ireqai the Spear-Slayer, Harbinger of Bast
  • Nekaris the Beatiful, former Harbinger of Isis, now The Ghoul Queen
  • Sokhar the Sightless, Harbinger of Horus
  • Sekemet the Bloodluster, Harbinger of Bast
  • Kralek the Toothless, Harbinger of Sobek
  • Nectanebus the Scared, Harbinger of Anubis
  • Neither the White Huntress, Harbinger of Isis
  • Pakheth of the Gloom, Harbinger of Anubis
  • Herihor Iron-Grip, Harbinger of Horus
  • Dargu-Ra The Swift Hand of Horus, Harbinger of Horus
  • Kharis-Sekhet The Breath of the Desert, Harbinger of Set
  • Ankeny Sun-Eyes, Harbinger of Horus

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