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  • Anubi: Children of Anubis, servants of the dead and obsessive enemies of The Eater of the Dead
  • Asar: Children of Osirus, the Human faction of the setting, separated into two sub-factions
    • The Nomadic Loyalist of their dead patron, 'father', The Dispossessed
    • those who have culturally appropriated themselves to the customs of other gods, The City-Dwellers
  • Basti: Children of Bast, Sly and amoral cat-folk known for their skill with a bow.
  • Heru: Children of Horus, Prideful and honorable warriors known for the tradition of offering the opponent to honorably surrender before battle.
  • Khemru: Children of Khamnum, ram-headed peace keepers with a deep respect for peace.
  • Nekharu: Abandoned Children of Nekhbet, Vile and Evil vulture-headed rouges and witches
  • Sobeki: Children of Sobek
  • Tethru: Children of Thoth
  • Typhon: Children of Set

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